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Country / Year

Vietnam / 2015




Victor Vu


Thinh Vinh, Khang Trong, Lam Thanh My


Set in Vietnam in 1989, this coming of age story explores the relationship between two brothers as they seek to uncover the truth about the myth of the princess of the enchanted forest and the man-eating white tiger that guards her.

The unassuming and affable Tuong has a secret: he actually is friends with a princess. No-one in his village believes him but the ever-optimisitic Tuong knows that the princess exists and she will make him her prince.

Thieu is Tuong’s older brother, and of different character altogether, studious and serious, but timid and introverted. His personality makes him an easy target for Son, the school bully, who not only humiliates Thieu in front of his classmates on a regular basis, but is also a rival for the affections of Moon, Thieu’s first love.

The much celebrated tale of brotherly love proved to be a breakout movie for director Victor Vu, previously renowned for his bombast style and slick genre sensibilities. The combination of the beautiful compositions of Vietnam’s stunning locations and the heart-warming tale of innocence and brotherly love, would earn Vu a number of awards both domestically and internationally, and would culminate in the film’s official selection for the Oscars awards.

East Winds are proud to present “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass” with a special Q&A session with Victor Vu himself.

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