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Country / Year: Taiwan / 2017
Genre: Chinese New Year Themed Martial Arts comedy
Director: Chen Yu-hsun
Starring: Shu Qi, Wang Qianyuan, Chang Hsiao-Chuan, Lin Mei-Hsiu, Yo Yang, Eric Tsang

Country / Year

Taiwan / 2017


Chinese New Year Themed Martial Arts comedy


Chen Yu-hsun


Shu Qi, Wang Qianyuan, Chang Hsiao-Chuan, Lin Mei-Hsiu, Yo Yang, Eric Tsang


Director Chen Yu-Hsun, renowned for his unique comedic style and regarded as “The Master of Comedies”, is back with his latest film from Taiwan to cement his title.

‘The Village Of No Return’ seamlessly blends together action and comedy in this fantasy adventure set in the isolated Desire Village at the end of the Qing dynasty.

This idyllic village is contrasted against its less than friendly villagers who love nothing more than well… themselves, and who will stop at nothing to make their lives better and their friends’ lives worse.

That is until a visiting monk arrives in the village, bringing with him a path to peace, which just involves them forgetting who they are, leaving them open to true happiness, as well as all the pitfalls and dangers that having no memory brings with it.

‘The Village Of No Return’ features a star-studded cast, with performances from Eric Tsang of the ‘Internal Affairs’ trilogy, as well acclaimed box office star Qi Shu, known for films suchThe Assassin’ (2015) and ‘Three Times’ (2005), for which she won best leading actress at the Golden Horse Awards.

This is a film that truly caters to everyone; whether you’re seeking something funny and entertaining, or action packed, anyone attending East Winds 2017 will leave satisfied as Chen Yu-Hsun proves he is the master of comedies with this achingly funny action comedy.

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