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Country / Year

Vietnam / 2013


Action / Fantasy


Dustin Nguyen


Dustin Nguyen, Roger Yuan, Thanh Van Ngo


Once upon a time, foreign invaders came from distant lands to conquer. Time and time again, they’re exorcised by the most elite of the monk-hood. The elite of the elite of these were known as The Masters.

When peace was restored, some of their Brothers returned to the sanctity of The Temple. But the Masters stayed behind, bound by an oath to protect the Emperor.

Some say they were forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. But ask those who have been to battles, once your eyes have seen war, there is no returning home.


Written by, starring, and directed by one of Hollywood’s premiere Asian actors, Dustin Nguyen, “Once Upon A Time in Vietnam” is one of the most eagerly anticipated Asian action films of 2013.

Dustin is a familiar face to Western audiences thanks to his long running role in “21 Jump Street”, and a long list of starring and supporting roles in US film and TV.

He assembled the cream of Vietnamese cinema industry both in front and behind the camera, along with a record-breaking production budget, to produce a truly unique fantasy action film that has put Vietnamese popular cinema on the cinematic radar this year.

A passion project of Nguyen’s for many years, “Once Upon a Time in Vietnam” is a generic mash-up of swordplay, blistering martial arts, classic spaghetti westerns and dystopian science fiction, a potent mix that has generated much hype and buzz since its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

East Winds is delighted to present it as the official Opening Film of our 2013 edition!

“It is with much pleasure that I present “Once Upon a Time in Vietnam” in the UK. It has always been a desire for me to have Vietnamese cinema exposed to the rest of the world. I look forward to interacting with you and sharing our mutual passion for films.” Dustin Nguyen

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