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Country / Year: Hong Kong / 2017
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Director: Park Yu Hwan
Starring: Ariel Lin, Jiang Wu, Chen Xiao, Kara Hui, Blue Lan

Country / Year

Hong Kong / 2017


Suspense Thriller


Park Yu Hwan


Ariel Lin, Jiang Wu, Chen Xiao, Kara Hui, Blue Lan


East Winds are delighted to present the European Premiere of Sino-Korean co-production ‘The Mysterious Family’, a dark and twisted thriller inspired by a series of grisly true events which took place in Fujian, China and would become one of the country’s most notorious murder cases in recent memory.

Those expecting a straightforward police procedural pot-boiler are in for shock, with the film’s mantra being ‘expect the unexpected’.

Miao Miao lives a seemingly normal life with her father, mother and brother – but a brutal attack shifts not only the entire family dynamic, but the family’s perception of reality itself as the film veers from one twist and turn to another.

Playing out like a twisted episode from ‘The Twilight Zone’, director Park Yuhwan weaves an intricate narrative structure around these real life events, with jarring continuity shifts and repeated events, questioning the very fabric of what is real and what is fantasy – an strikingly unusual approach for such subject matter.

The film boats an excellent ensemble cast from across Asia with Ariel Lin, Jiang Wu, and Kara Hui excelling in their central roles of the embattled ‘mysterious’ family.

An emotional roller coaster, which shifts across genres at breathtaking speed, ‘The Mysterious Family’ aspires to be much more than the sum of its parts – a thought provoking genre film that will be sure to connect with anyone who enjoyed the twists and turns of the recent David Fincher film ‘Gone Girl’.

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