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Country / Year: Thailand 2017
Genre: Horror
Director: Chayan Ittijatuporn
Starring: Pradanai Nateprasertkul, Sirapakorn Sereedonprasert, Panjai Sirisuwan

Country / Year

Thailand / 2017




Chayan Ittijatuporn


Pradanai Nateprasertkul, Sirapakorn Sereedonprasert, Panjai Sirisuwan


A real life TV show in Thailand called ‘GHOST DOCTOR TV’ forms a central premise for this spooky blend of fact, fiction and frights!

Using the appropriate visual mechanics of the ‘found footage’ horror genre, ‘The Lost Case’ is more of ‘a found episode’ of this pre-existent and extremely popular Thai TV show.

The ‘Ghost Doctor’ in question is not just a paranormal investigator, but rather an all-round ghost hunter and exorcist, finding ghosts, spirits and demons and vanquishing them for the poor individuals who have been blighted by their premise.

‘The Lost Case’ follows the pre-production activity of two recently employed assistants, Itt and Por, as they excitedly scout locations and make enquiries over a potential episode for the show. Of course, this is no hoax, and the pair embarks on a nightmarish joinery into child murder and demonic possessions.

A skin crawling experience, ‘The Lost Case’ is made all the more frightening by its inter-cutting of ‘real footage’ of the ‘Ghost Doctor’ at work. Not for the faint-hearted, we are delighted to present the European Premiere of ‘The Lost Case’ ahead of its release in Thailand in May.

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