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Country / Year

China / 2017


Crime / Thriller


Jizhou Xu


Chao Deng, Ethan Juan, Shishi Liu, Karena Lam


A series of gruesome murders takes the city by storm. The victims are subjects of recent controversy when their callous, selfish wrongdoings cause the death of others.

The media immediately labels it an act of vigilante justice and the whole town becomes enthralled with the serial killer, with people anticipating his next act of vigilantism.

Running out of leads, rookie detective Nam (Liu Shishi) enlists the help of profiler Mu (Deng Chau), who quickly discovers hidden traces of evidence left intentionally at the crime scenes. The killer is conspicuously after him.

Together, Mu and Nam must outwit the killer before he strikes again. Meanwhile, the killer (Ethan Juan) has chosen his next victim. He’s plotting a live stream execution so that people can vote on the fate of the victim.


The Liquidator is based on the last volume in the popular “Criminal Minds” series written by criminal psychologist / forensic expert Lei Mei.

It’s a series of compelling crime stories centering on profiler Mu. The stories depict authentic details of law enforcement and crime scene investigation.

Undeniably the top most bankable male actor in China, Deng Chao (who plays profiler Mu) has an invincible track record, with a combined box office gross of over RMB 8 billion (over £9m).

He’s the only actor whose past 11 consecutive films all cross the RMB 100 million (over £11m) mark in the China box office. His recent film “The Mermaid” (2016) is currently the highest-grossing film of all time in China, with domestic box office of RMB 3.39 billion (nearly £385m).

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