European Premiere

Country / Year: South Korea / 2016
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Director: Kim Yong-Woon
Starring: Hong Soo-A, Lim Seong-Eon, Kim Ha-Yoo

Country / Year

South Korea / 2016


Thriller / Horror


Kim Yong-Woon


Hong Soo-A, Lim Seong-Eon, Kim Ha-Yoo


How far would you go to be someone else? Fans of the under-appreciated Bridget Fonda vehicle ‘Single White Female (1992)’ are in for a treat the similar issues of identity theft are explored in in director Kim Yong-woon’s feature debut ‘Malice’.

When Eun-jung (Lim Seong-eon) has a chance encounter with an old college friend Ga-in (Hong Soo-ah), the stars seem to have aligned and problems solved. Ga-in seems like the perfect person to look after Eun-jung’s daughter Seo-ah (Kim Ha-yoo), with a qualification in childcare and at a loose end seeking gainful employment.

However, Ga-in is not what she seems, and much has changed since school days – and thus begins an unsettling cycle of admiration, jealousy and resentment.

Kim Yong-woon keeps the pace of the film suitable off-kilter, dark and foreboding and, much like ‘The Mysterious Family’, offers an effective thriller based upon a real life murder case – which is of course somewhat of a spoiler for the film’s direction.

Another fine example of South Korean cinema, East Winds Film Festival are proud to present the UK premiere of this dark and unsettling journey into psychosis.

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