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Country / Year

Vietnam / 2017




Victor Vu


Cuong Seven, Nha Phuong


Acclaimed Vietnamese genre film-making returns to full throttle action with Loi Bao; a spin on the super-hero genre with a distinct Vietnamese twist.

A man dying of a terminal illness receives an experimental medical treatment and soon discovers he has superhuman powers.

This seemingly generic plot structure and basic premise belies a film that is infused with tradition, heart and emotion – Vu is as interested in grounding his film with a rich emotional core of family and honour as he is in full throttle martial arts mayhem… but the film certainly has this front covered.

From action producer Jason Ninh Cao and featuring the vision of action choreographer Vincent Wang, who is no stranger to the superhero genre having worked on Marvel films such as “Doctor Strange”, “Thor”, “Captain America” and with James Bond himself on “Spectre”, “Loi Bao” delivers some of the most impressive action set pieces to come out of Vietnamese cinema, all lensed with Vu’s trademark visual flair.

East Winds are delighted and honoured to showcase “Loi Bao” as a World Festival Premiere.

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