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Country / Year

Japan / 2018


Crime / Thriller


Koji Shiraishi


Tori Matsuzaka, Erika Sawajiri, Tetsuya Sugaya


A string of unnatural deaths occur in the city and a man in a black suit is always seen at the scene of the crime.

His name is Tadashi Usobuki. Known as “the phone booth killer”, he’s an enigmatic and sensual mental manipulator whose birth and past are shrouded in mystery.

His clients leave memos in phone booths, requesting him to kill someone. They must cite the reason and leave contact details.

The victim always dies, but by illness, suicide, or accident, all “perfect crimes” for which no physical evidence remains.

Clad in a black suit and stylish burgundy shirt, his eyes glow red and a sensual smile plays across his lips as he peers into the depths of his victims’ souls.

The police are confounded and ready to give up – all except one female detective named Tomoko Tada. After repeated confrontations with Usobuki, it becomes clear that she is the only person he cannot manipulate.


Based on the blockbuster manga “Funohan” by Arata Miyatsuki (story) and Yuya Kanzaki (artwork) serialised in “Grand Jump Magazine”, this live-action film adaptation is directed by Koji Shiraishi of “A Record of Sweet Murder” and “Sadako vs. Kayako.”

What is a “不能犯 Funohan”? A premeditated criminal act leaving no physical proof — such as a murder in which the victim appears to be “cursed” or “brainwashed.” In such cases, the act goes unpunished, even if the victim actually dies.

The battle between a beautiful detective and a mysterious assassin, between hope and despair, light and dark, good and evil, begins now!

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