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Country / Year: China / 2017
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama
Director: Alan Mak, Anthony Pun
Starring: Yihong Duan, Xuan Huang, Yueting Lang

Country / Year

China / 2017


Action / Crime / Drama


Alan Mak, Anthony Pun


Yihong Duan, Xuan Huang, Yueting Lang


Director Alan Mak, who directed the classic and seminal ‘Infernal Affairs’, joins up with acclaimed action cinematographer Anthony Pun to give us the explosive, tense and action packed blockbuster ‘Extraordinary Mission’, which will receive its UK premiere at this year’s festival as opening film.

For all the visual bombast, and high concept action set pieces, much like the raditions of Mak’s previous film output, ‘Extraordinary Mission’ also offers a riveting and thoughtful narrative of shifting allegiances and moral ambiguity, played out against a backdrop of the hard-boiled undercover Special Forces police department.

Lin Kai (Huang Xuan), a police officer, goes undercover to infiltrate Twin Eagles, a drug cartel. He befriends the cartel’s head honcho, Eagle (Duan Yihong), and becomes addicted to heroin while trying to take down the cartel.

Eagle might be the notorious drug lord whom Lin Kai’s handler, Li Jianguo (Zu Feng), had tried, but failed to capture ten years earlier. Allegiances are tested, and friendship and loyalty are on the line. All the key characteristics and thematic of the classic ‘Heroic Bloodshed’ movies of Hong Kong Cinema are on display.

‘Extraordinary Mission’ offers an exhilarating, white-knuckle crime thriller which will be sure to offer an explosive start to this year’s East Winds Film Festival!

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