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Country / Year

Japan / 2018




Jae-Yong Kwak


Yuki Furukawa, Takemi Fujii


Set in the popular Hokkaido, “Colors of Wind” is a pure love story from one of the most representative directors of the Asian film industry – Kwak Jae-Yong, best known for “My Sassy Girl” and “Cyborg She”.

Ryo, played by popular actor Yuki Furukawa, lives in Tokyo. Before his girlfriend Yuri (Takemi Fujii) suddenly ends her life using sleeping pills, she tells him him there’s a girl in Hokkaido who looks exactly like her, but is much cleverer, happier and more beautiful.

He sets out for Hokkaido and meets a girl called Aya who looks exactly like Yuri. Aya seems to think Ryo is her boyfriend, the popular and handsome magician Ryu, who tried to perform an escape illusion at the seashore, but disappeared.

Ryo acts like he’s Ryu, pretending he lost his memory, but feelings of guilt about deluding Aya start sinking in and he runs away, leaving behind Yuri’s diary.

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