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Country / Year: South Korea / 2017
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Director: Heo Seo Hyeong, Lee Yoon Ho-I
Starring: Lee Seung-Joon-II, Lee Ik-Joon, Kim Bem Tae, Heo Min-Jin

Country / Year

South Korea / 2017




Heo Seo Hyeong, Lee Yoon Ho-I


Lee Seung-Joon-II, Lee Ik-Joon, Kim Bem Tae, Heo Min-Jin


Equal parts ultra-violence and pitch black comedy, ‘Collision’ joins the ranks of a number of dark and off-beat genre films that have emerged from South Korea over recent years and have made the likes of Park Chan-wook, Kim Jee-won and Bong Joon-ho the toast of cinephilles the world over, as well as putting South Korean cinema and its film-makers on the radar of Hollywood studios.

Sharing similar sensibilities, Heo Seo-hyeong‘s ‘Collision’ offers a relatively straightforward genre concept; a group of callous and cold blooded criminals are holed up in a cabin and must battle it out to escape, and imbues this an unnerving sense of oddball humour.

The film is outrageously violent, with close quarter melees the order of the day, as characters are hacked and garroted – but the general ineptness of these killers is alarming, as is their often mundane and oddball dialogues exchanges.

A real treat for fans of South Korean revenge cinema, East Winds Film Festival are delighted to present the European premiere of ‘Collision’.

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