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Country / Year: Vietnam / 2016
Genre: Ocean’s Eleven Vietnam style! Action thriller
Director: Tran Ham
Starring: Kate Nhung, Thanh Pham, Petey Majik Nguyen

Country / Year

Vietnam / 2016


Tran Ham


Ocean’s Eleven Vietnam style! Action thriller


Kate Nhung, Thanh Pham, Petey Majik Nguyen


Emerging Vietnamese director Ham Tran would signal his position of one of young East Asian film directors to keep an eye on with the stylish action comedy caper movie ‘Bitcoin Heist’.

Purporting to be the first film in the world to feature the controversial cyber currency, this really is a McGuffin for the film’s real objective – to produce an ultra-slick, stylish action vehicle with all the panache and bravado of any self-respecting Hollywood blockbuster.

Re-working the tried and tested ensemble formula of the heist movie, special agent Dada put together a group of morally misguided criminals to take down an even more morally defunct villain – hacker extraordinaire ‘The Ghost’.

Boasting an endless stream of super cool set-pieces, which showcase action skills of the suitable gorgeous cast, Ham Tram’s ‘Bitcoin Heist’ is less a film and more of a calling card for the potential of contemporary Vietnamese cinema.

An unashamed crowd pleaser from start, East Winds are delighted to introduce the motley crew of Special Agent Dada, Jack Magique, Vi, and Phuc to UK audiences who we are sure will enjoy the dizzying delights of ‘Bitcoin Heist’!

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