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Thailand / 2018




Phawat Panangkasiri, Thammanoon Sukulboontanom, Nitiwat Cholwanichisiri


Worakarn Rojanawat, Seheranut Yusananda, Passornkorn Chirathivat


Three stories taking place when ghosts, demons, and vengeful spirits take turn to haunt you – the scariest hour of the night: 3am.


Every night Pim starts her shift as a toll collector on the expressway. At 3am, strange things start happening as she’s terrorised by an evil spirit determined to take her life. Will she get out of the expressway alive?

One Night Stand

Tan is a painting restorer who likes to spend wild nights with his friends, curing loneliness with partying and clubbing. One night, he meets Napas, a mysterious and seductive woman who puts a spell on him.

Who really is this woman? Will Tan ever make it out alive from her place?

TV Direct

Sam’s an arrogant TV shopping program director, whose crew is sick of his attitude. One night strange things begin to occur on set. What Sam doesn’t realise is that the crew and the presenters have conspired to deceive him.

The film will be followed by the Nurse episode of the “3am Bangkok Stories” TV show.

Other films

The Vanished

An affluent woman’s corpse disappears from the morgue. What follows is a stylish tale of revenge.

Impossibility Defense

A string of unnatural deaths occur in the city at the hands of the “phone booth killer”.

Sunny / 32

Stalking, kidnapping and a crazed cult around the “cutest murderer in criminal history”.

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