Film Review: ‘One Day’ (Thailand, 2017)

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The last day at the East Winds Film Festival in Coventry began with heart-warming romantic drama ‘One Day’. It tells the story of a man who risks everything to be with his dream girl for just one day by pretending to be her boyfriend after she suffers Transient Global Amnesia/TGA.

Denchai is a 30-year-old IT worker who is treated as though he is invisible and doesn’t get along well with his co-workers. He falls in love with his lovely co-worker Nui, a girl that has an affair with their boss who is already married. Denchai never has the courage to express his feelings towards her. Despite this, he keeps doing good deeds for Nui without the hope of reward.

One Day

He finally gets the chance during the company trip to Hokkaido. He rings a bell with a legend behind it and makes a wish to be together with Nui for just one day. Fortunately, his wish comes true! At the end of the trip, Nui decides to commit suicide as she discovers that her boss will not divorce his wife. However, Nui fails, resulting in losing her short term memory for a day. Denchai uses this opportunity to pretend he is her boyfriend and that they’re in love.

What happened during this particular one day is a sweet and romantic dream, while what will happen after one day is the bitter reality. The best and touching element about this film is that it doesn’t try to make it overtly romantic like a fairy tale, nor  does it provide audiences with an unrealistic happy ending.

Would you risk everything to be in love for just one day? Is being in love for one day enough? If we were Denchai, what would we do after that one day? The snow is beautiful, but it will melt soon. For Denchai however, to be in love for one day is enough to last a lifetime.

Review by Yuchen Zeng

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