Film Review: ‘Grace’ (Thailand, 2016)

650 500 East Winds Film Festival

On the third day at East Winds Film Festival, Thai actress Latkamon Pinrojkirati (Pim) introduced psychological thriller ‘Grace’ to local audiences. “I hope you enjoy the film and learn something from it”, she said.

Ple/Black Cat, played by Pim, is an ordinary high school student who loves spending time with her best friend Care. Care is popular because of her adorable appearance. They create a Facebook page together for Care to share her beautiful personal photos and videos to gain ‘Likes’ from the public, in the hope of becoming a popular internet idol. Jack, who is Care’s “crazy” fan, follows Care’s personal life closely on Facebook.

As a skilful seamstress, Grace also has a pretty face and used to be a famous internet idol. But after being raped, betrayed and facing jealousy, she is driven to lose her trust in people and becomes a dangerous psychopath.

Care became the subject of Grace’s jealousy, because Jack, her so-called boyfriend, can’t stop stalking Care. As Care’s life was so publicly displayed, it was very easy for both Grace and Jack to track her down. Thus, the two use Care’s personal information on social media to plot a kidnap plan. Grace attempts to ruin Care’s life forever and “proves” to her that the world is cruel, and the internet can wreak havoc in her life.

Social media has sprung up in today’s society. Internet idols are definitely a current issue within the online world we are now living in. People can easily gain numerous fans or crazy pursuers through gorgeous photos shared via the network without paying any money. Thus,  ‘Grace’ is a cruel example of the social media phenomenon.

This is a timely movie as most of people are obsessed with the internet nowadays. It covers issues around online fame and how social media causes problem such as lack of privacy. After watching this film, we might just start getting suspicious about what exactly we have shared on our social media. Thanks for Pim and her film, we all learn a lesson from it.

Review by Yuchen Zeng

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