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With over 80 films under his belt, be it production, directing or cinematography, Herman Yau is certainly one of the established film creators in Hong Kong.

With his sharply focus on characters, rather than the grander political allegories, Yau’s films very rarely fail to create surprising and unexpected stories.

We were delighted to welcome him to the festival to introduce his film “Woman Knight of Mirror Lake” and to take part in an exclusive Q&A.


Satoshi Miki started off his career writing for many variety TV shows including working with the legendary comedy troupe “Downtown” on their 90’s TV show “Gottsu-eh Kanji”.

He then branched off to work on stage plays before being given his first break by adapting and directing the famous novel “In the Pool” by Hideo Okuda into a feature film which helped launch the career of rising talent Odagiri Joe.


Fuse Eri, known in the UK for her comic performances in all of Satoshi Miki’s films, has a long and recognised career spanning across film, television and stage.

In films, she can be found starring in some famous works of Takeshi Kitano such as “Boiling Point” and “Achilles and the Tortoise”, plus roles in such box office hits as “Trick: The Movie” and crowd-favourite “Hana and Alice”.

She is instantly recognisable and her acting skills and ability to blend into many characters has made her a favourite among many fans of Japanese film and TV.

Fuse Eri attended East Winds with Miki Satoshi and participated in an exclusive audience panel.


Director Jennifer Thym and rising actress Grace Huang were in attendance to introduce their short film “Bloodtraffick” and participate in an exclusive panel alongside Herman Yau.