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As the only major film festival of East Asian cinema outside of London and the first of its kind in the Midlands, East Winds is one of the most prestigious events in the region, gaining nationwide acclaim from film afficionados and industry professionals alike.

Promoting a broad spectrum of cinema from throughout the East Asian region, it has grown significantly in size and reputation since its commencement in 2011 and it’s quickly making its way to the forefront of film festivals in the country.

The event fosters a unique environment for both formal discussions and informal conversations on East Asian film, raising awareness of one of the most exciting and influential industries in the world.

With an eclectic mix of films ranging from star-studded action blockbusters and chilling horrors to touching dramas and screwball comedies, the festival has set the scene for International, European and UK Premieres, providing exclusive opportunities for local audiences to watch some of the most highly anticipated Asian productions.